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#CHSD15 Digital Plecosystem @Johnemattison: Great Thought leader in HealthCare

connected Health 2015

Realtime notes from Day 2 of ConnectedHealth 2015 in San Diego #CHSD15.

John Mattison, CMIO, Kaiser Permanente @johnemattison

I was excited to hear John Mattison speak. This was the highlight of the Conference for me. John is one of the great thought leaders in Healthcare and it is a privilege to know him. This session was a firehose of information and ideas that brought together so many emerging trends and put their inter-relationship in to perspective. John really puts in perspective the need for an inversion in healthcare where the system is truly oriented around the person/consumer/individual because when the consumer is at the center a lot of the complexity of healthcare (HIPAA) disappears.

Prepare for a deluge of information that will take time to absorb and digest. John is always dealing with really cool things on the cutting edge of Healthcare.

Using the Plecosystem and modern technology to restore ancient wisdom

Neologisms may be good for your health. Replace old assumptions with new realities.

Much of published medical literature is subsequently refuted. The half life of facts is getting shorter.

The inverted Big Bang – Big Data is the inversion. Data is converging.

Two modes: Hypothesis Generation v Hypothesis Testing. Visualization tools have a key role.

Big data need people who can cross domains. The meta-topical BrianForests. Collaborative Discovery.

Meiosis: the ultimate innovation engine. What we learn in science has already been done in evolution.

Evolution is a generational mashup.

The Digital Plecosystem is a multi platform ecosystem.

1. Service platforms (clouds)
2. Data Platforms
3. API Platforms Smart on FHIR, Open Mobile Health
4. Experience Platforms (UX, Empathic Design, social connected)

1. Exponential growth
2. Synergy
3. Data Liquidity – Federation of Data
4. Person-centricity. – LEARN ABOUT BLOCKCHAIN.

Move analytics to the data whenever possible

The emergence of “Little Data”

Personalized Medicine is better than Precision Medicine.

No such thing as a “common” disease.

1x cells, 100x genes in microbiome..

6 Dimensions in management of Personal Data:
1. Archetypes of Data: (time Series, Text, Graphic)
2. Filters (value, trend, aggregation, aggregate trends, NLP)
3. N=1
4. M2M, M2C Algorithmic Filters and Escalators (machine 2 machine, Machine to Consumer)
5. Staged Cycles of Learning (stepped Wedge research, Accordion model of learning)
6. Topology of data and analytics. (Bring analytics to the data whenever possible)

Use mHealth,Sensors and Big Data to personalize and humanize the experience.

People trust different people for different things.

Inpatient – need simple tools for patient control over bridging personal and professional social networks

role of pervasive sensing.

4 Tiers:
1. Athlete Warrior,
2. Acute Illness,
3. Chronic Illness,
4. Restoring Wellness through mindfulness.

Three conversations – Vizualization:

  1. Patient to Professional Care Team
  2. Patient with Personal Care Team
  3. Patient with Person that houses patient persona.

Community and Population Health:

how do they fit with Personalized Medicine.
Evidence-based approach.
Validated Metrics for Progress
Create Self-sufficiency and Resilience.

Need for Gov, NGOs and Foundations.

Everyone is different. Different communities have different issues.

We need Personalized and Community Health rather than Population Health.

Homo Fast Fooderus – The contribution of MacDonalds to our obesity.

The Mindful person can restore the ancient wisdoms in a Digital world.

This is a session that will create thought provoking ideas for days and weeks to come!

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