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#CHSD15 Mhealth Strengthening Positive Behaviors @Gerijoy moderates @AshkanAfkhami @_newNRG @greg_orr

connected Health 2015

Realtime notes from ConnectedHealth 2015 in San Diego #CHSD15.

Moderator: Victor Wang, Founder & CEO , Gerijoy @Gerijoy
Ashkan Afkhami, General Manager, Healthcare, Mobiquity inc. @AshkanAfkhami
Mark McCalliog, Founder & Group CEO, NewNRG @_newNRG
Ram Prayaga, Chief Product Officer, mPulseMobile @theMPulse
Greg Orr, Director, Consumer Digital Health, Walgreens @gregg_orr

Rapheala O’Day: Behvior Change requires contextualized knowledge.

50% of our health depends on behavior. yet we spend only 4% on healthy Behaviors.

What is context?

Ram Prayaga:
Start with simple things. eg. Phone number. Build profile over time.
Zip code adds importance.

Response Time, Time of day for responses.
Location. Speed of movement.

Study subtle queues.

Mark Calliog:
What changes each day that may take us off track.
Building a personalized journey to help you deal with life’s slaps in the face.

Build a personality profile and match pathway to personality.

Do some of the thinking for users. eg. if weather impacts health.

There are different intervention types.

OPM – Other Peoples Money.

Greg Orr:
Context – Customers will choose what is right for them.
Be open so consumers can choose what works for them.
Walgreens have 130M balance rewards member. 84M are active. This provides a lot of purchasing related data.

WebMD partnership was focused on nutrition and wellness. Now moving in to Diabetes and Asthma.

What doesn’t respond to mhealth strategies

  • Multiple Co-morbidities
  • Start small eg. Get people in to the appointment.

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