Friday, June 19, 2015

#CHSD15 Moving Beyond the step counter

connected Health 2015

Realtime notes from Day 2 of ConnectedHealth 2015 in San Diego #CHSD15.

Moderator: Thomas M. Loarie, @TMLoarie CEO & Chairman, eMedonline
Matthew Diamond, Medical Director, Misfit Wearables @misfit
David Ahn, Endocrinology Fellow, UC San Diego Health System @Ahncall
Brian Selzer, VP Business & Product Development, DAQRI @BrianSe7en
Monisha Perkash, CEO & Co-Founder, Lumo @LumoBodyTech
Ryan Hungate, CEO & Co-Founder, Simplifeye @rjhungate

Yes – I wear a Lumo Lift :)

Wearables have a role to play in measuring outcomes in health care.

What are greatest obstacles in bringing a wearable to market.

Selzer: complex integration of hardware components. Then engaging with corporate organizations to test pilot the solution. Launched V1 initially via Kickstarter.
Using that launch to gather data about virtual reality use.

Hungate: Convince users to be comfortable using in front of other people. They don’t want to be embarrassed. Apple helps to make things cool. eg. Big phones and Apple Watch.

Ahn: Wearbles won’t be as ubiquitous as people think. Many will be hidden from view or used for specific limited purposes. eg. while sleeping.

Brook: People have to adapt to devices. Battery life is an issue. Educating people on new technology. eg. a new type of tracking. So you have to put in context.

Diamond: Don’t add a device that is a burden to people’s life. Use seamlessly. Energy management was primary challenge. Balance function v energy needs.

Hearing Aids bring benefit but get abandoned in less than 6 months.

What is the successful usecase.

Diamond: Build your intuition. Look stylish. If it builds your mindfulness so that you don’t need the device that is okay.

Brooks: Design is critical. It needs to be attractive if it is not hidden. Design to be cool!

Hungate: Can we eliminate the need for a device.

Create utility and contextually wear utility.

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