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#Cinderblocks2 Day 2 I am talking BlueButton and #DataindependenceDay after @ePatientDave

#CinderBlocks2 ePatientDave Key note

Realtime notes from day 2 of CinderBlocks2 in Grantsville, MD.

ePatient Dave recounts his emergence on the national stage. I remember him at Health 2.0 in Boston in 2009. I saw him preaching from the balcony with healthcare looking up to him. We still are.

Today Patient talks about Patient Engagement.

People will perform better when they’re informed better.

The issue of patient access to their health information is moving quickly.

Patients are not just consumers. They are creating value too.

In 2012 since 1999 Wages have grown 56% but Consumer contribution to medical spending has grown 212%.

Dr Danny Sands recommended Gilles Frydman’s ACOR Listserve.

Within two hours of posting he received invaluable advice.

Even though this information was available in 2007 it is still not available to doctors in the online materials they use.

Dr McDermott: “You were really sick. i don’t know if you could have tolerated enough medicine if you hadn’t been so well prepared”

If someone says “The Doctor doesn’t have time for that” Respond with “Who says it has to be the doctor?”

Embracing Patient Partnership is not new. BMJ covered this in September 1999.

It is perverse to keep people in the dark and then call them ignorant.


Increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes. – World Bank, 2002.

Half of everyone who’s ever been 65 is alive today.

Why aren’t wheelchairs as tricked out as strollers? [Business Opportunity]

EMRs represent the Futile Urge for Certainty.

On average it takes 17 years for 50% of doctors to adopt new technology or processes.
Flu Vaccine – Year 32 and 55% doing it.
Beta Blockers Year 18 and 62% doing it
Diabetic Foot Care: Year 7 and 20% doing it

ePatient Dave gives a call out to Hugo Campos and Dana Lewis.

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