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#HDPalooza – Big Data Panel – Ceci Connoly moderates @Farzad_MD and others.

Health Data Palooza 2015 – Big Data.

Realtime notes from HealthData Palooza 2015 (#HDPalooza) in Washington DC.

Panel talking about the here and now of using Big Data in Health:

Bob Kocher, MD, Partner, Venrock; Farzad Mostashari, MD, Founder, Aledade; Ed Park, Executive Vice President & COO, Athenahealth

ED Park: Volume, Variety and Velocity

The Volume and Velocity is changing.

In healthcare the data is wrong and organizations don’t know what to do with it. Data is needed real time.

Athena has 65,000 Docs across the country.

Bob Kocher:

Data has been used to determine attribution. Data has not been useful.
High Velocity data sets coupled with more communication options with patients allow real time adaptation.

Patients know something is not right well before sensors detect issues.Just getting feedback on how a patient is feeling is incredibly valuable.

Farzad: Never a better time to be a Healthcare Entrepreneur

Why is it different from 5 years ago?

100 primary care doctors with 2,000 patients equals $1B in health care spending.

Used 6 different datasets that weren’t available 5 years ago. Shout out to Niall Brennan.

If we switch the financial thinking we can change the way the system works.

Ed Park:
Docs are barraged just trying to get through their day.
Need to instrument the entire throughput of the office. Technology can help prioritize and assign responsibilities.

Athena sees 120M Patient visits per year.

Meaningful Use for all its faults has forced instrumentation.


Biggest challenge has been disconnect between intent and meeting requirements if disconnected from the outcomes.

Compliance is resented if focus is on throughput rather than outcomes.

Ed Park:
The percentage of cases closed on the day of seeing the patient. The higher percentage indicated better financial and professional performance.

Bob Kocher:

System will naturally want to help Patient understand why they need to do things – like taking their medications. They will understand the point of doing something.

Ceci: Consumers rather than patients – Cost and convenience are most important

Farzad: Predictive Modeling – We are so simplistic at the moment.
We need to be able to identify high risk and who we can give the right intervention to to nip the problem in the bud.

Vast majority of indices are running on claims data – which is ridiculous.

Ed Park:

The “So What” is muted if there is not an agile network to mobilize technology, professional and social resources to take action in a timely manner.

Instrument cloud-based platforms.

Key Question: “Are you willing to be paid if you reduce hospitalizations and hence costs”.

We have to remove the tax on patients getting their data

Bob Kocher: skeptical about Hospital systems blessing apps.

Farzad: Important when moving beyond covered entities. Not quite at enforceable codes of conduct for non-hipaa covered entities use of patient data.

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