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#HDPalooza @BryanSivak MC’s day 3 and fireside chat w/ DJ Patil @dpatil Chief Data Scientist +Deputy CTO Data Policy

Health Data Palooza 2015

Realtime notes from day 2 of the HealthData Palooza 2015 (#HDPalooza) in Washington DC.

Main Stage Emcee: Bryan Sivak, Former Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Bryan Sivak calls out his successor Susannah Fox – An inspired appointment at the new CTO of HHS.

CDC is thinking about use of personal generated data from wearables etc. to add richness to predictions.

Clinical data is one area where data use has not changed much.

Bryan’s theory is that we are trying to fix interoperability from top down. Big changes happen when you break them down in to smaller pieces.
By this time next year can we tackle one specific problem in exchange of clinical data.

Easy to request and Transfer Children’s vaccination information from doctors to schools etc. A lot of moving parts.

Health Data Consortium will act as a coordinator


Fireside Chat: Dhanurjay “DJ” Patil, PhD, Chief Data Scientist and Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Data Policy, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Moderator: Alyssa Bereznak, National Correspondent, Yahoo News

DJ gives a shout out to the behind the scenes work that Bryan has done to promote innovation in so many areas.

It is Day 103 of DJ’s time as Chief Data Scientist.

Crazy impressed by the people that have joined the Government in just the last 3 months.

The Ugly: So much to do but in words of the President: “Amazing things happen in the 4th Quarter”

Precision Medicine Initiative

There has to be a way to have data and move it around in a way that is responsible.

We have to be ruthlessly focused on the human at the center.

Writing a Product Spec:
1. What is needed for a Person
2. What is needed for a Provider
3. What is needed for a researcher

We can see fundamental impact right away through programs that are already in motion. eg. VA + DoD

How do we make sure we are doing the right thing.

User Centered Design. Patients and Patient Advocacy Groups have been brought in.

“Design like you are right. Listen like you are wrong.”
Then iterate quickly and stay focused on the people at the center of the design – the human.

Mapping the Genome

What is the open turf?
What will the world look like in 5 years when sensors are prevalent.

Not just the genome. The genome is just one component of who we are. Sensors in your house, Car, Phone and community can all inform who we are.

Health Meets Climate – A long scale challenge.
eg. Pollen changes. Where diseases propagate due to climate change.
Larger and Broader Data sets are invaluable in looking at these issues.

How do we lay the foundations?

Isn’t it crazy that we can pull up forecasts but we can’t get a push notification to warn you to take your allergy medication.

We have to talk about seamless user interoperability not just data.

#hdpalooza @dpatil #Interoperability is not just data but seamless user experience

Interoperability and Collaboration

VA and DoD interoperability. Not just an opportunity but a responsibility.

Dept of Justice is one of the largest holders of health information in US Government as the department that manages Prisons.

Trust is super critical.

Trust – Consistency over Time.

People can fall in to digital cracks. eg. slow movement of data between systems.
We have to make sure people don’t fall in to Digital Cracks.

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