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#HDPAlooza @CMSgov session led by @N_Brennan

Health Data Palooza 2015 – CMS Data Session

Realtime notes from day 2 of the HealthData Palooza 2015 (#HDPalooza) in Washington DC.

CMS is serving 123 Million individuals.

Chronic Condition Warehouse is a critical component in enabling data to be released.

CMS will present information on new and updated data and information products of interest to health researchers, policymakers, and data innovators. Panelists will present on: new policies and mechanisms for access to CMS data, public release of provider utilization and payment data, new/updated information visualization tools, and other publicly available data files.

Moderator: Niall Brennan, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Christine Cox, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services;
Allison Oelschlaeger, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services;
Chris Powers, PharmD, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services;
Debbie Pusateri, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services;
Andrew Shatto, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

healthdata.gov.: 54 api-enabled datasets New site launched in beta form this week.

data.cms.gov – all data is api-enabled.


Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data.

Data released to date covers 55% of medicare program.

Hospital Inpatient: FY 2013 is now available.
do not disclose discharges by DRG of less than 11.

Outpatient provides the same granularity restriction of less than 11 procedures.

CMS is able to geo-code data.

Physician and Other Supplier Data is compiled from Medicare Part B data.
Aggregate summary tables have been included in the release.

Aggregation methodology now uses original claims data instead of publicly released data.

data.cms.gov has user friendly lookup for Provider Search.

A denominator file has been released to simplify per capita analysis.

Prescribing NPI level summary of prescriptions.

Chris Cox – Statistical Reports

The program is now called CMS Program Statistics (CPS). In the summer it will come with new user-friendly web site.

CMS Fast Facts – available on Mobile


County-level and State-level dashboards are also available for medical conditions.

Releasing Publicly available Marketplace data.

hhs.gov/marketplace blog.

Use and Disclosure of CMS Data

Demand has grown for CMS data for quality improvement and related initiatives.

CMS is releasing to:

Qualified Entities
Quality Improvement
innovation Awardees

Near Real-time monthly data is distributed to facilitate care coordination. (ACOs and State Medicaid organizations)

Qualified Entities allows release of data for performance measurement and evaluation.

11 regional Qualified Entities.
2 of the 11 do public performance reporting.

MACRA allowed permissible uses to include non-public release to authorised users. ie. sell data to interested parties.

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