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#hdpalooza – Esther Dyson @edyson talking about critical density rather than at scale

Health Data Palooza 2015 – Esther Dyson

Realtime notes from HealthData Palooza 2015 (#HDPalooza) in Washington DC.

Esther Dyson talking about driving change. You need to implement at critical density rather than at scale.

There are many indicators that point to health.

5 communities under 100,000 people and geographically defined. ie. Not a suburb of a large city. Or a single payer.

It is not the choices people make it is the choices they have.

42 applications from communities. Picked 5. The Assumption is about 5 critical density programs in the community. The challenge is implementation. Help communities to build capacity to implement and find sources of funding and business models. Data is important for health and financial flows.

Each community identifies the 4-6 goals.

The original emphasis was on Food, Education and Healthcare.
The ACA has helped because the Health organizations can benefit from improvements.

What is measured?
5 place, 5 years, 5 measures.

Each community has their own special metrics. The Institute for Healthcare improvement is running 100 million life project.
They will use the IHI metrics – they are far more credible.

Not trying to re-invent the wheel but implement the wheel. The spokes are there. The connections need to be made.

Public Health and Technology worlds both think the ideas quaint. The focus is on making things work. Five years will allow actions to be measured.

Work with existing programs but increase the density of application.

The technology is the measurement. Not measuring individuals but measuring communities. Not Quantified Self but Public Health.

The five communities have common issues – The Social Determinants of Health.

  • Obesity
  • Homelessness
  • Substance Abuse
    and many more.

So many aspects are intertwined. The hollowing of the middle class is very real.

Small Communities allow changes to be noticeable, not just to data scientists but to the general public.

It is easy to know what to do. The challenge is doing it. People are not thinking about health and healthcare. They are busy with life.

Direct care – eg. Diabetes Management, Urban Gardening will employ people. We need the business models. These will build health rather than recover it.

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