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#hdpalooza George Freeman, MP @FReeman_George addresses the Palooza about UK Advances in health

George Freeman MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Life Sciences, UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Department of Health

Health Data Palooza 2015

Realtime notes from HealthData Palooza 2015 (#HDPalooza) in Washington DC.

NHS is facing UKL 30B deficit within 5 years.

Big challenges: 1 in 5 child is obese.
20,000 deaths each year from avoidable incidents in healthcare.

The big message is that “We have to embrace a social movement where we work together to solve these big problems”

US and UK have a long standing partnership in health care.

Health and Technology and Life Sciences are now being viewed as a critical drvier of prosperity in the economy.

George Freeman want to see the NHS come with Technology and not just good intentions.

Time is more valuable than money.

When you put industry, patients and charities with technology and data you accelerate breakthroughs in research.

Data is about smarter diagnostics. Transparencies of treatment decisions.

Change healthcare from something done to you to 21st century citizens take responsibility that enables them to drive the healthcare system to suit them.

The Patient voice was silent in the corridors of power. An Act of parliament has driven every provider to inform the next person handling a patient and use the patient identifier. A great example of simple requirements that drive transformative change.

Using Data:
– Individual care
– System monitoring and performance
– Research

Embedding incentives and remove barriers not just to achieve KPIs.

embrace technologis that have transformed other walks of life.

Once we give people their data. Allow them to compare providers, Embrace personalized medicine.

NHS has to drive innovation. Has to perform at a fraction of the cost of private systems.

Three revolutions:
– Empowerment of patients
– Transparency of outcomes
– Personalized medicine

– Giving access to clinician access to data at the pace they want.
eg. digital access to data between ambulances and ER.

NHS launched the first app store in Mental Health.

11% of patients registered for appointment booking an prescription requests.

2014 – 2.4M prescriptions ordered online.

Coming up:
1. Drive transparency and accountability – MyNHS, Outcomes mapping – Where does my hospital sit in rankings?
2. Full interoperability and digitized at the point of care. Digital care pathways. All by 2020. Using UKL 200M fund to drive this. Digital Social inclusion.

The Genome is the most exquisite data collection known to man.

Committed to providing the leadership of this transformation. Providing platforms for patients, researchers etc.
Unlocking the power of data in the system. Rewarding proper outcomes.
Smooth out the pathways for complex care that drive cost.

Very different health care systems but very similar community challenges.

We have to liberate the entrepreneurial community to solve challenges.

We need to make sure that we don’t leave anyone behind.
10M in UK don’t have access to broadband – a problem to be solved.

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