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#HDPalooza How Leading Healthcare Companies Are Powering Their Businesses with Big Data

Health Data Palooza 2015

Realtime notes from day 2 of the HealthData Palooza 2015 (#HDPalooza) in Washington DC.

Panel: How Leading Healthcare Companies Are Powering Their Businesses with Big Data

Moderator: David Knott, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Peter L. Levin, Co‑founder & CEO, Amida;

Sreekanth Chaguturu, MD, is Vice President, Population Health Management, Partners HealthCare;
Eric Perakslis, Executive Director, Center for Biomedical Informatics, Harvard;
David Watson, CEO, Cal INDEX;

David Watson:

Cal INDEX is funded by 2 payers.

Sharing data is no longer good it is necessary

Loading data from both payers. Selling combined data set to providers.

Common challenges:
Health data is dirty. Not Fungible.

Acquire, Curate and manage data.
Unleash to the Provider AND Consumer.

An empty PHR makes it hard for the consumer. They never go back.

Eric Peraksis:

Panacea or Pandoras box.
Is the benefit of using data worth the risks. This collides in the policy arena.

Risks are addressable if taken head on.

Big Data is still talent driven.

FDA are impressive in their ability to identify causes of a food outbreak.
If that is possible then why do clinical trials take so long?

Sreekanth Chaguturu:

Risk-based contracts have grown.

Data Initiatives:

  • RPDR
  • I2B2 – linking clinical to genomic data

Partners is moving to EPIC (Brigham went live on EPIC this weekend.)

  • Partners Patients Commons. Next generation of I2B2 analytics platform

Providers are getting more interested in their performance data using the data that is available.

Peter Levin:

Proposition: We are doing a bad job of making the case. has only 500 sign ups.

Health data is difficult but not impossible.

Services beak down in to:
1. Get My Data

  1. Move the data
  2. Use the data (BI, Predictive Analytics, Decision Support, Customer Support)

Amida has done step 2. Data Reconciliation.

VA and CMS are two groups that have beneficiaries that care about their health.

More than 1M veterans have used BlueButton
More than 800,000 Medicare Beneficiaries have used BlueButton

Q: When will we see commercial insurers release data like CMS

CalIndex the players are still not sharing the financial data only the clinical.

$4-5,000 Member spend rate. $2.5 for transaction with CalIndex. Easy to recoup in shared risk/savings programs.

4-5 other organziations (excluding Kaiser) have expressed an interest in joining CalIndex.

Q: How have people used their BlueButton Data?

Peter Levin:
If payers can’t cherry pick the insured. Now interest are aligned. So Providers/Payers want information.

This is a fundamental change.

Payers are very interested in sharing information.

We will only know about impact of BlueButton when we make it super easy for consumers to engage.

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