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Baltimore #TechBreakfast – Promoting HHS Entrepreneur-in-Residence Opportunities


I am at the Baltimore TechBreakfast to promote our Associate Entrepreneur-in-Residence Opportunity at CMS. We are looking for a Java expert to help take an Open Source FHIR Platform and improve it to support 50M Medicare Beneficiaries. This is a unique opportunity to build a platform that enables Medicare Beneficiaries to connect their health data with the applications and services they trust. It is a one year assignment to act like a startup inside one of the most influential organizations in healthcare.

Here are the details for the meetup

Agenda for Baltimore TechBreakfast:

8:00 – 8:15 – Get yer Bagels & Coffee and chit-chat
8:15 – 8:20 – Introductions, Sponsors, Announcements
8:20 – ~9:30 – Showcases and Shout-Outs!

  1. Ignite – Vlad Enache
  2. Tissue Analytics, Inc.: – Joshua Budman
  3. RELEVANT: ATTENDANT – Eduardo Sanchez
  4. Full Society – Paige Cantlin

Ignite – Vlad Enache

A cool application to organize activities with friends. It allows voting on time, event and who brings what. A very simple and intuitive interface.
Spontaneous Group planning.

Ignite got promoted by Apple while the app was still in beta.

Five monetization opportunities:
1. Promote events eg. Movies, parties etc.
2. In App Registration and ticket purchase

  1. Third Party integration with OpenTable Fandango etc.
  2. White Label application
  3. Advanced Analytics.

Tissue Analytics

Using smartphones to measure wound healing. The traditional method is to use a rule. Tissue Analytics uses the smartphone camera to analyze a wound.
The team originated out of Johns Hopkins.

20% more accurate than using a rule.

This is a cloud-based solution with a mobile app and web portal.

Very cool application. Future development opportunities include dermatology in consumer facing applications.

Relevant: Attendant – Eduardo Sanchez

Creating a mobile presence for companies that don’t want their customers to have the hassle of downloading apps from app stores. One such market is the auto market.

Attendant is installed in your digital wallet (passbook).

Full Society – Paige Cantlin

A mobile App to pay a restaurant bill and split it amongst friends.
This is a company with a social mission.

Founded in Baltimore.
Allow a bill to be rounded up so that a donation can be made to provide meals to the needy.

Uses beacon technology to allow groups to associate themselves with a table. The beacon also allows integration with the Point of Sale platform.
Login with social media account (Facebook/Twitter) also integrates with social media to follow friends.

Split the bill with friends without needing to wait for the wait staff.

Integrated with Venmo, Paypal and Apple Pay. You can also use Credit Cards.

Integration with POS Systems including Micros.

Restaurants want mobile payments. This app plays in this space.
Future road map includes a quick service option to order via the app.

Each table requires a beacon (These are general purpose beacons) They are under $10 each. iBeacon is Apple’s beacon technology.

TechBreakfast is bringing Ask a VC to Baltimore

Arriving in Baltimore on November 6th. A Panel of VCs. An opportunity to do a 1 minute pitch and receive feedback.

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I am currently HHS Entrepreneur-in-Residence working on an assignment to update BlueButton for Medicare Beneficiaries. This involves creating a Data API. Watch out for more about BlueButton on FHIR.

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