Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#NATE/HIE Conference – MyHealth Access Network

From the NATE/HIE Conference:

MyHealth Access Network talking about access to information.

There is an EMR Gap due to fragmented data and Information Blocking

Seven categories of Data Blocking:

  1. EMR Fees
  2. HIE Fees
  3. Hotel California
  4. GIGO
  5. EHR-Universe
  6. Hidden Switch:

Biggest problems:
EMR Fees and GIGO.

Meaningful Use certification happens in a vacuum.

Certified systems have custom adaptations before being put in to production for a customer.

MyHealth’s OK market:

  • 650+ locations
  • Data feeds in real time

Meaningful Use Certification (77 FR 54193) for Data Portability and CHPL Compliance
Portability: 77 FR 54289

The Surveillance System enforces the viability of the certification process.

Complaints can go to ONC.Certification

MyHealth had issues with eCW.

Ask for the Data Portability Function.

eCW would prefer you to purchase their eCW Hub where they charge per provider connected per month.

It turns that eCW has a hidden switch that allows a CCDA to be dropped to a folder. This can then be used by the provider.

Within 24 hours MyHealth was using eCW CCDAs. But this only appears to work on Locally Hosted eClinical Works implementations. It does not appear to work in a hosted/cloud environment.

The CCDA looked great but the structured data format was severely lacking.

MyHealth is using PopHealth to calculate Patient Population metrics.

Clinical and claims data in isolation can’t answer the value question. You need both aggregated.

Bulk Export is a requirement for Meaningful Use Certification in 2014.

This session generated a lot of discussion on Information Blocking.

Great presentation by Mike Noshay and Joe Walker of MyHealth Access Netowrk.

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