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#Health2con Demo and Chat Panels – Patient Experience and Outcomes inc. @SusannahFox talking to @boltyboy

Health 2.0 Conference

Realtime notes from the ninth Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center.
Here is the online Agenda:

Matthew Holt interviews Susannah Fox

The CTO at HHS is a Chief Innovation Officer role. Look ahead and map out the future.

Susannah wants you to do a tour of duty within Government. Get a front row view of how it works.

Bring in people from the outside. But also lift up internal talent.

Ignite Accelerator:

  1. The Team that shortened the time to recruit people for overseas duty.

Patient Experience: @BoltyBoy is wearing his Regina Walking Gallery Jacket.

Susannah talks to her experience working with people with chronic conditions. With rare conditions patients and caregivers have to find each other because providers don’t have the experience with the condition.

Health Data Initiative

  • Opening Data sets so people can make forecasts.
    — EMR Interoperability.

Great shout out about BlueButton.

Office of Civil Rights has launched a portal for App developers for HIPAA.

Kym Martin – Four time Cancer Survivor

Kym is on stage wearing her Regina Jacket

Had cancer in her teens.
At Age 26 suspected radiation from scans caused her skin to change. Melanoma.
At 38. Another pin head sized melanoma.
At 46: diagnosed with Breast Cancer. A direct result of the radiation over the years.

Patients move from delegating to engaged to owning to peronalizing

PCP – has 11 years of history. it is manual on CD
Oncologist – has a fractured portal
Labs are most important

Sachin Jain, CMO at CareMore (@sacjai)

Care group focused on frail patients in CA.

Phil Marshall (CO-Founder and Chief Product Officer) – Conversa Health

Digital checkup via dialogue.

Delicate balance of information shared between patient and care team.

VIDA – Stephanie Tilenius @Vida

Health Risk Assessment and Live Coaching App in the App Store.

Noona – Jani Ahonala @noonahealthcare

Automated interaction for Cancer patients.

Heal – Nick Desai @Healthapp

on-line medical appointment with a real doc.

$99 per call. When Health Plans are accepted in January the cost will be $30.

CareSync – Amy Gleason @Caresync

  • Collect your health records
  • Human Health Assistant
  • Care Coordination for Providers (CPT Code for chronic Care)

$43 /Member /Month for chronic care management
Provide dashboard for Providers
Allow Providers to prescribe the app.

App allows patients to express their life goals.

AYASDI – Jennifer Gamble, Data Scientist.

AYASDI Core and AYASDI Care.

Ayasdi Care focuses on clinical data.

Fascinating insigts using EMR Data.

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