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I am at the ONC consumer summit. These are my real time notes…

Susannah Fox moderates a panel on health data.
On the panel:

Niall Breenan
Deven McGraw
Theresa Hancock
Cora Han
Col. John Scott

What does it look like 5 years out?

Deven: easy access to data at no cost for the consumer

Theresa: during Katrina vets gave their username and password to care team so they had access to their medical record.

The patient needs to be at the center but the provider needs to be engaged.

Don’t aim for all or nothing. Work incrementally.

Revisit and reinvent and identify what works.

Niall: what is the next step for Bluebutton?

Proud of what has been accomplished but it needs to be better.

Col. Scott: what is current state of Bluebutton in the DoD?

DoD leverages data in bi-directional data exchange and makes it available to patients.

Problem list

Problem list has proven most valuable.

Cora: what does the FTC have to do with health?

They protect privacy and security of consumers health information:

  • enforcement
  • policy workshops
  • outreach

Doing outreach to health app developers to inform them on what rules apply and how they need to comply.

Deven: privacy is important for trust.
We need to give consumers control over their data.

What action can people take:

Theresa: barriers : so many technologies cause confusion for consumers. Providers do need access to patient generated data.

Cora: barriers: how do you provide effective notice? But there is innovation in consumer interaction.

Business and consumers need incentives to engage.

Col. Scott: we are on verge of s revolution. There is a convergence happening. The patient is also willing to trust online services.

Many barriers but one is that patient information needs to be trusted.

Provider liability over data they don’t control is a real issue

Niall: barrier: persistent and ongoing fear over privacy and security.

Action: visionary leaders in the privacy space to create a pathway to trust of new technologies

Deven: 5 year vision:

Ease of data access (VDT) in 5 years complaints about patient access dwindle.

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