Thursday, October 01, 2015

#ConsumerSummit15 Making Patient Engagement the Fabric of an Organization

Moderator: Leslie Kelly Hall

Melissa Phipps – Novant Health

Major change is tied to culture. Don’t focus on just tools and tasks.

Addressing the culture by engaging Physicians. Advocacy can be seen as criticism.

Removing official Patient Advocates. We should all be patient advocates in the system. it is a philosophy.

Choices and Champions (addresses end of life care)
Novant Reads – invited team members to read recommended books. (8,000 of 26,000 have stepped forward).

Making the Translator part of the care team. Moving from Transactional to Relational.

Gerri Lynn Baumblatt, Emmi Solutions (@GeriLynn)

How does technology help people prepare for visits?

Meet people where they are.

  • Decision aids and treatment options.
  • Ask people about their goals.
  • Collect the information and share with their physician so there can be a more valuable conversation about care options.

Helping to improve the conversation around End of Life Care. Finding ways to make information available to give insight and informed decisions that is sensitive to cultural backgrounds.

Andrea Ippolito, VA Center for Innovation

The VA was in crisis in 2014. The new head of VA came from P&G. Formed the MyVA team. Looking at providing the best experience for veterans.
Human Centered Design is being rolled out across the VA.

Improve the Veteran experience by empowering employees.

Patient Self-Service: Massive roll-out of kiosks. Helping to reduce wait times. VA is trying to shift the care model from a paternal to shared-decision model.

Prosthetics and Assistive Technologies. Bringing engineers in to the sessions with veterans. 3D Printing extensions using the maker movement to design custom assistive technologies.

The VA has an iPhone app that allows Vets to adjust their hearing aids instead of traveling to a VA Clinic for a two minute appointment.

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