Tuesday, October 27, 2015

@StevensonU #Adulting101: Your Passion. Your Brand: Creating Opportunity in Social Media

On Monday evening I gave a talk to a group of Stevenson University students. This was part of the Student Activities “Adulting101” series that prepares students for life after college. Students are frequently taught what not to put on Social Media but rarely taught how to tap social media to fuel their passions and create opportunities as they architect their career.

I was asked to present a talk on how Social Media can be used to create your own personal brand. One that reflects your passions and creates career opportunities.

Prospective employers frequently use Google to learn about the candidates they are considering making job offers to. It is no longer sufficient to lock down your Facebook accounts. Instead you need to be thinking about how those Google searches reflect your passions and the career opportunities you are seeking.

The presentation is available on Slideshare here: http://2.healthca.mp/1jN1rR4



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