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#Connect2Health ONC interoperability Roadmap

Today I am in National Harbor at the Gaylord Resort and Conference Center.i am here for the mHealth Summit.

I am sitting in on the ONC Interoperability Roadmap session. It was interesting to hear Steve Posnack resist the use of the term “portal” and embrace the “Customer Facing Application.”

ONC Health IT Certification is expanding to Health IT Module instead of EHR Modules. EHR is just one type of technology in health care.

EHR is moving to a modular basis. There is no “complete EHR” certification.

ONC Health IT Certification can support:
– EHR Incentive programs
– Long-term care and post-acute care
– Chronic Care Management
– Behavioral Health
– Public policy programs.

CMS Chronic Care Management program points to ONC Health IT Certification Program.


  • Health IT developers to conspicuously disclose in plain language on their web site, marketing materials, communication statements and other assertions .

ONC Surveillance of Certified Health IT.

  • Monitoring of Complaints
  • Randomized Surveillance (2% of annually certified health IT at one or more locations.)

Patient Matching:
– Safety Provision for transitions of care / referral summaries.
– Record and exchange unique Device identifiers.

Health Disparities:

  • more granular recording and exchange (race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation)

DSP – Data Segmentation for Privacy: standard for exchanging sensitive health information.

2015 Base EHR Definition: reg: 170.315(a)(5-9, 11,14) + more….

  • Focuses at a minimum of the functionalities that all users of certified Health IT possess

Common Clinical Data Set / Common MU Data Set.

Unique Device Ids for implantable devices
Health concerns

The 2015 Edition of ONC Certification seems to allow more modularization. Organizations can tune their systems to meet the needs of their providers and patients.

Question: MACRA – Develop metrics for interoperability: required by July 1, 2016.

Medical Device interoperability: Not much included in current road map. A target for the next edition of the road map.

Flexibility to allow customization of CCDA. eg. including notes.
Unstructured notes are something important for providers. it is being reviewed in the advisory committee process.

Transitions of Care Documents:

Why is structured data leading to documents rendering to hundreds of pages.

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