Monday, February 29, 2016

#HIMSS16 Keynote

This week I am at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas. I am representing CMS to talk about #BlueButton On #FHIR and working with the NewWave Telecoms and Technologies Team who manage the Chronic Condition Warehouse at The Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Transforming Health – Connected Health

Dana Alexander opens the conference.

“We are finally looking at health in the right way. Keeping people out of the hospital.”

The new reality is population health management to deliver better care.

1% of US Population accounts for 23% of healthcare spending.

Health IT can generate real time notifications for interventions.

MACRA and MIPS are changing payment models. Pay for value and better care.

IT must be easier to use and more intuitive.

Sylvia Mathews Burwell – Health IT Delivery Reform.

Secretary of US Department of Health and Human Services

SMB calls out the work the HHS Team members are working on in Flint Michigan.

Putting individuals at the center of their healthcare.

Three part Strategy:
1. Pay doctors in differnet ways. Pay for quality not quantity of service
2. Coordination and Integrations
3. Unlock health care data

Technology under pins all three legs of the strategy.

Technology is the lens through which we see our communities health.

in 6 years the use of EHRs has tripled.

Still a lot to do to extract value for providers and consumers.

  • Consumer access is a challenge.
  • Information is still blocked.
  • Need a common system alphabet.

The Nationwide Interoperability Road Map

  1. We must Demand interoperability.
  2. We have to speak the same language for communication and consistency.
  3. Data should be private and secure and shareable..
  4. Work together to unlock data.

Advanced policy to publish APIs.

Guidance on best practices – interoperability advisory

Working with Congress to support innovation and transparency in the health insurance marketplace.

Today announcing: 90% of EMR vendors have committed to interoperability.

  1. Easier for consumers to access their data. Standardized APIs.
    2 Not to block information.
  2. Speak the same language. Common standards.

Privacy and Security is the bedrock.

Quality, Affordability and Access.
90% of americans now have health insurance and we have begun to change the way we deliver care.

Michael Dell talks with Mark Barner

Mark Barner: Transform = Radical Massive Change

Americans spend approximately an hour per week looking up information on their healthcare. This is at least 12x the time they spend working with their doctor.

Q: What changes have you seen?

A: Had a passion for how technology is changing the world. Then it was about the Personal Computer.

Dell recently acquired EMC and hence VMWare.

How do you use technology in real time.

Technology is at the cutting edge of changing outcomes for patients.

Q: How is ITs role maturing?

A: Previously was about efficiency.
As volume of devices and data has exploded the challenge is how to use the data in real time to make product and services better.

Every sector of the economy has digital transformation happening.

Innovation is cultural at its core.

Risk and learning. Embrace the potential for failure.
Time and a place for smart risk taking.

Dell has 2 Billion conversations with customers each year.

Advancements will be increasingly technology driven.

Has healthcare seen the transformative new entrants like Uber, AirBnB, Tesla, NEST etc.

Q: How do you keep pushing innovation when margins are slim.

A: Go back and look at infrastructure. Squeeze it to create opportunity.

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