Tuesday, April 05, 2016

#PDWorkshop #ONCPDW – DirectTrust Provider Directory Aggregation Service

What is the problem being solved?

Direct Address users are looking for addresses to send to outside their organization.

DirectTrust is focused on DirectExchange

Interoperable Information Exchange is starting to take off.


  • 40 HISPs, 17 RA/CAs
  • 300+ Direct-enabled ONC Certified EHRs and PHRs
    -52,000 Health care organizations
  • 50+ HIEs in 20 States
  • 1.1M direct addresses
  • 45M Transactions in 2015
  • Est. 200M in 2016
  • Replacing Fax, courier, mail for PHI data exchange.
  • DirectTrust doesn’t handle any data.

  • Provides the security and trust framework for exchange of data.
  • Federated Trust model

Directory Aggregation Project

  • Voluntary Participation
  • Single Directory Data Sharing Agreement
  • Pilot – keep it simple.
  • Member consensus for policy and Governance

  • About 14 Data points
    — 345K ID Proofed Direct Addresses in Directory
    — 9 HISPs participating
    — White pages data model
    —Each HISP is responsible for curation

Lessons Learned

– Organizations worry about release of Direct Addresses to third parties (eg. Junk, spam, unrequested messages)
– Use of Direct drives demand for directory services. Federal agencies bring new challenges.
– No one wants to pay for Directory Services
– Will there be demand for additional data model elements.

HISPs are doing LOA3 identity proofing

Jeff Livesay Q: Is there any plan to standardize naming conventions for Direct Addresses

A: Convention is name

Fred Trotter: Are Organizations resisting publishing to avoid interoperability since direct addreses are known entities, unlike email where hidden addresses can be used.

Presenter: David Kibbe, President/CEO – DirectTrust

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