Friday, June 10, 2016

#CM4H16 #FHIR Workshop with eJeff Eastman of MiHIN

Working on FHIR – tutorial on connecting to a sandbox and working with FHIR with simple examples attendees can try
Dr. Jeff Eastman, Senior Directory Architect, MiHIN

MiHIN Patient Generator

19 Personas + 4,081 simulated Patients and Physicians

Based on 130 Statistical models

How MiHIN got into FHIR

Health Provider Directory (HPD) – Providers, Organizations etc.

State Consumer Directory (SCD) – Consumers (aka Patients)

Active Care Relationships (ACR)
This is a matching of HPD and SCD.

HPD -FHIR Memberships (aka Affiliations)

Implemented as FHIR Basic Extensions

Using FHIR Basic Resource to create a new resource for Affiliatins

MiHIN has created HPD-FHIR Electronic Services as a Basic Extension.

This creates FHIR as a Router.

SCD – FHIR Active Care Relationships

Created as a Basic Extension.

Next release of FHIR will release CareTeams that is close but not a complete match.

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