Friday, June 10, 2016

#CM4H16 Working on FHIR – Synthetic Patients with eJeff of #MIHIN and Mark Braunstein of GA Tech

Lunch and Learn: FHIR Resources for Testing PatientGen
Dr. Jeff Eastman, Senior Directory Architect, MiHIN
Using PatientGen FHIR Resources for Research and Educational Purposes
Mark Braunstein, Professor of the Practice, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology

Patient Gen

It is hard to create synthetic Patient data.

Purpose is to create credible test data

  • Randomly assigns
  • Patients can be aged and go through life changes

  • 130 Conditions

PatientGen can create:
– ADTs

and much more

Available to anyone

Mark Braunstein, CA Inst. of Tech.

Runs CS 6440 Introduction to Health Informatics

Nine years old.
Evolved with rapidly changing HIT landscape

Offered as part of OMSCS (On Line Masters of Science in Computer Science)
Heavily project based.

Offered as a MOOC. 10 weeks long.


Teams of 4-6

Emory/VA/CDC lecture on their domains.

Students then work on real projects.

CDC – App Suite for Community-wide Obesity program (4 Projects)

GT built FHIR Server on top of OMOP

Students have access to:

  • 10,000 Chronic disease patients

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