Thursday, June 09, 2016


Panel: Quality and Practice Transformation Efforts Nationwide

Moderator: Jeff Livesay, Associate Director, MiHIN

The national shift towards quality of care and practice transformation has begun to impact healthcare professionals, both with newly announced quality measurement programs and with evolving standards of care. Learn about efforts in Michigan, New Jersey and nationally to align and foster this push to move away from quantity- based care to true quality-based healthcare.

Where Quality Measurement is Headed Nationally – Dr. Kevin Larsen, Medical Director, Meaningful Use ONC/HHS, CMS Lean Implementation OA/CMMI

New Jersey’s Strategy for Quality and Practice Transformation – Van Ly, Director of Technical Services, NJ-HITEC

Clinical Quality Measure Reporting – Jeff Livesay, Associate Director, MiHIN

Kevin Larsen

CMS has set performance targets for itself. Something very novel in government.

Advancing Care Information relates to MU and is more flexible.

Continuous Practice Improvement.

Successful places have measures that drive their business. This is the objective of CMS’ LEAN Implementation

Moving from reactive measurement using stale data to close to real time measurement.

Some standards are needed to understand how to share quality measures. However, we don’t want to force measures to be collected the same way.

Move to Outcomes

What is meant by an outcome?

Great goal – but hard to achieve.

Focus today is on care processes. No insight to what happened to Patient when they left the purview of the process.

New focus on group accountability.

Editor’s note: After all health is a team sport.

eg. Quality measure for hospitals based on smoking cessation in their community.

Van Ly – NJ Innovation institute

Formally a Regional Extension Center

HIE – Highlander Health Data Network for 5 hospitals

Now a Network of Networks – master network of 6 HIEs in NJ

Jeff Livesay – MiHIN

MiHIN uses Direct to receive Quality Files. They then perform basic validation and forward the data to any number of receivers that need the quality data.

Reduces burden on Physicians and practices.
Eliminate multiple connections

Provide real-time feedback on quality performance.

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