Thursday, June 09, 2016

#CM4H16 Telemedicine

How Telecommunications Technology is Transforming Healthcare – A Look at Telemedicine

Dr. Stephen Shaya, Chief Medical Officer, Health Net Connect
Vince – Trinity Health

Join Dr. Shaya for a fireside chat discussion on the growing capabilities and role of telemedicine in healthcare. Hear real-world examples of telemedicine in use to care for patients, and discover the opportunities for telemedicine to ease burdens on providers.

Is urgent care facing a Blockbuster moment?

HealthNet Connect definition:

Telemedicine: Professional to Professional
Remote Patient Monitoring: Professional to Patient

Shortage of specialists is driving Telemedicine to get better access.

There needs to be licensing improvements to enable telemedicine across state lines. Licensed to VA or Indian Health Service and you can provide tele-care across state lines.

Health care is siloed and Telehealth needs to adapt to the many different regulations and workflows.

Much greater awareness of Telehealth than 3 years ago.

Now question is how to make is sustainable and scalable.

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