Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#Health2con Data Drives Decisions w/@Claudiawilliams @bluetopaz

Real time notes from the tenth annual Health2.0 fall conference.

Private and Public Sector Partnerships

Precision Medicine is building a cohort of 1Million people.
Big Personal Data on a big scale.

The promise is to create a delightful experience that encourages research participation.
Removing Friction and deliver value back.

Interesting First NIH Grant for Walgreens.

How can individuals benefit from PMI

– Some people will do it for family
– Some people do it for future generations

PEOPLE Want their data back – in particular their Labs.
This is a big change in Research.


Currently have over 1M connected devices where consumers have opted-in.
It is about engagement.
Currently doesn’t feedback to care (or research).

Amy Abernathy – FlatIron Health, @CloudMedicx

How to get to highly processed analytical data with personal information that is secure.
Created EMR and Tools for Cancer Patient Treatments.

  1. Organize data
  2. Pulling out hidden key data from unstructured data.

Near real-time (nightly) analytics

More novel therapies are being used in cancer treatment.
50% of patients are being treated with therapies that didn’t exist 18 months ago.

Stuart McGuigan -VP and CIO J&J,

Consumer products business is smaller than medical products business
Acquired Human Performance Institute

Used the person centric model and applied it to joint replacement recovery.

J&J is looking at scaling digitally and using AI to apply elsewhere.

HealthPartner for Knees App.

  • Prepare for surgery.
  • Connect with others who have had this experience
  • Assess physical, mental, spiritual health.

J&J is also working with IBM Watson to help watch developments and relationships.

Brad Perkins, CMO Human Longevity


Hacking the software for life.
Build an industrial scale architecture to predict whatever can be predicted from the human genome sequence.

A single test that delivers 3-5 million results.

25PB in AWS.

A search engine for the genome.

Annette Bruls @MDT__Diabetes – Medtronic

Demonstrating SugarIQ with IBM Watson.

CloudMedx – @cloudmedicX

Tashfeen Sulean
Aiming to reduce misdiagnosis.
Realtime Clinical AI Platform.


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