Monday, September 26, 2016

#health2con intersection of tech and public health

Alameda Public Health declare housing as biggest threat to health

Venu Aulakh – center for care innovations

Innovation is critical for safety net.
Care needs to be coordinated

Innovation hub shares with care systems to bring vendors that can solve challenges

Not every health centers have ability to negotiate technology contracts.

– patient engagement
– access to care
– complex patients
– better use of data
– social determinants of health

EMRs don’t play nice…

Test with employees first

Chris gibbons – FCC

Broadband is the transformative app

Broadband will reinvent healthcare

The future is bringing the power of computing seamlessly into our lives

A health ecosystem will follow you. Not just a health record.

John Mattison

Kaiser Permanente – Thrive drives community efforts.

Patient centric care is an oxymoron in chronic conditions. Be person centric.

Personalized health and resilience is the next stage.

Taking solutions out of context of the community enables naysayers to disprove the value of innovation.

We have lost the sense of collective accountability.

A greater focus on children. That is where habits are formed.
Investment in kids has a 7 to 1 ROI.

Community health must be built on evidence-based approaches

Need survey tools.
Let the community own the priorities they want to work on.

Create resilience within the community. Don’t create dependency.

Hugging increases our resistance to disease.

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Mark Scrimshire
Health & Cloud Technology Consultant

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