Wednesday, October 26, 2016

mHealth and the future of Health Systems @givemhealth

I am at the Forum for Global Health Transformation at Harvard University today.

I just listened to John Mattison, CMIO of Kaiser Permanente talk about the evolution of global health. John’s talk touched on Block Chain, Personalized medicine and Community Care.

We are seeing the elements of the future health world emerging in trials. We need to see them implemented at scale alongside a culture change that embraces the patient at the center of care as an equal peer.

Andy Ellner, MD – Co-Director, Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care

mHealth and the Future of Health Systems

“The essence of Global Health equity is the idea that something so precious as health might be viewed as a right.”

  • Paul Farmer

Health Systems don’t serve patients dealing with social determinants of health. ie. the realities of daily living.

Global Health in 2016

Millenium Goals:
1. Reduce child mortality
2. Improve maternal health
3. Combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases

Sustainable Development Goals:
1. Ensure Healthy lives ad promote well-being for all
2. Targets: neonatal mortality, neglected tropical diseases, health workforce development, universal healthcare, deaths from chemical exposure.

Three dimensions of Universal health coverage:
1. Population
2. Services
3. Costs

Around the world doctors have all the power. This is a common problem in system design and culture.

Definition and Value of Primary Health

mHealth and the Future of Health Systems

“Primary Care is a platform.”

1. Person
2. Place
3. Time

5,000 waking hours. The vast majority of those hours occur outside the traditional health care system.

If you include social service spending alongside direct health spending. US spends more on healthcare than social support.

Hot spotting:

1% of US Population incurs 22% of health costs.
5% account for 50%

The bottom 50% incur 3% of health spending.

Creating an environment where the patient is a peer in the care team is about enabling their voice to be heard and them having the information to be able to make informed choices.

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