Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Web 2.0 and our privacy

I do not believe that I am alone in my fascination with the inventive applications that are appearing under the Web 2.0 moniker. It is great to see the web evolving to achieve some of the potential that has been promised since the early days in the last century. But is connectedness going to come at a high price? How long will it be before we see a mash-up that allows me, or anyone interested in me to "google" not just my name but my complete on-line persona? Where I am, where I have been, who was there at the same time, whose blogs I have commented on and so on. The implications for our privacy are enormous. Identity and persona are distinctly different things. I believe we are going to need tools that enable us to manage our public and private personas without necessarily forcing us to reveal our identity. I welcome an open discussion on this whole area. It is fascinating to consider the ramifications of the innocent application development that we see today.

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