Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Windows booting on a Mac - Big Deal(!|?)

It was announced last week that some incredibly clever folks have managed to boot Windows on the new Intel-based Macs. Is this really a big deal? I still maintain that the real interest is in a solution that will allow Windows applications to run alongside native OS X applications. May be the next competition should be to run VMWare under Windows XP Professional and boot an Intel-Mac OS X in a virtual machine. For those of us "Switchers" - namely anyone that has jumped from Windows to OS X in the last couple of years - I firmly believe the common need is to be able to run our OS X applications and have the ability to fire up Windows for those increasingly rare applications that demand a Windows environment. Those being applications such as, Visio, MS-Project, MS-Access and AutoCAD. However, in running those Windows applications we do not want to sacrifice our concurrent access to email, Safari and other OS X centric applications. Thoughts?

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