Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sort of Virtualization

Apple announced Apple Remote Desktop 3 today. It is now a Universal Binary and has some great new features. As a logn standing Reomte Desktop version 2 user these three are my favorites and should be considered by anyone that uses more than one Mac: - Remote Spotlight Searching. You can perform a remote search and copy the results back to the admin console. - Remote Drag and Drop. An easy way to copy files between computers. - Remote copy and Paste. I need to dig under the covers with this feature. I want to find out if it allows information to be copied and pasted to/from the clipboard between machines. Let's hope this is as awesome as it could be. Check out the upgraded features at the Apple Remote Desktop Upgrade page The only downside appears to be the lack of any upgrade pricing for the new version. That means getting the new features is going to cost between $499for the Unlimited Managed Systems edition or $299 for the 10 Managed Systems edition.

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