Wednesday, April 18, 2007

User-Centric Identity

John Panzer and Paraveen Alavilli of AOL presented this session on User-Centric Identity. A central tenet of Web 2.0 is that the user is in control Providing users with control over their identity is an essential element to support this notion.

What is identity?

- Identity is necessary for: - Personalization - Authorization and access control - Communication channel

Why we need pervasive online identity

Account management is a barrier to entry to a community. Reversing the massive online identity fragmentation.

What is User-Centric Identity?

Provides user choice. Protects privacy. Easy adoption.Enables collaboration. Internet scalable. The main players - Community: - OpenID - your URL is your identity - CardSpace - from Microsoft - Liberty (SAML) - Open but complex. Single providers: - Yahoo! - BBAuth - Google Account API - AOL OpenAuth

Elements of effective ID

- Simple - Open to multiple programming languages - AOL Authentication API - OpenAuth

Future developments:

- Integrated OpenID Provider - OpenID Authentication Token Exchange Extension - OpenID Consumer/Relying Party The latter piece enables the acceptance of third party OpenIDs

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