Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Unleash the Enterprise power of US

This session was given by Carol Jonas of IBM. There are three patterns to focus on: - Software as a Service - Community/Social mechanisms - Simple Web 2.0 has already changed the customer experience. The question is whether you are an effective player in the read/write web.

What about organizational effectiveness?

- Productivity - Quality - Adaptability - Innovation We have to recognize that Innovation is a social process. Lotus Connections was presented as an example of social software for busines. It includes profiles, communities, blogs, bookmarks and activities. Profiles Our employees are familiar with profiles from MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and other community services. Very few companies have directories and profiles. Communities User defined community listings. Blogs Enables self publishing and expands on the personal profile. Social networks grow through linking to other bloggers and communities. Bookmarks Sharable bookmarks offer the real power of community. This feature helps to identify experts and support knowledge management. Activities This assists in the management of informal work. This feature helps to capture best practice - the anatomy of the process. IBM also have an alphaworks project for data vizualisation . Http:// IT wiill be interesting to compare this stie against Swivel the data vizualisation tool announced at the Web 2.0 Expo.

How to create the right climate

Choose organizations that have greatest need for sharing tacit knowledge. eg. Research, product develoopment, cross disciplinary roles such as policy making. Create incentives for the few active mavens. Establish conduct guidelines. Integrate in with internal search tools to ensure knowledge is retrievable.

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