Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Dots for Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Plaxo steps in to the Identity aggregation business with microformats. Open Social networks may take hold. This is another example of OpenID and microformats solving the problem of closed social networks and the desire from users to free their information.

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Fred Oliviera at <a href="">Webreakstuff</a> has taken a crack at defining and solving the social network problem. Fred, I agree with you. Portability is essential and I believe OpenID and microformats are two of the factors that will play a part in the solution.

I have also been considering this from another aspect - that of reputation. Why can't I transport my carefully cultivated reputation from one network to another.Let me aggregate my reputation from multiple sites to demonstrate that I am a responsible netizen.

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Fred Oliviera makes a great point for web designers everywhere. "Don't design for the iPhone." Yes the iphone is the best mobile internet device currently available. It will not be long before we see competition for other quarters be it Google or Yahoo.

Designers should design for the experience. Apple has shown that normal web pages can be beatifully rendered on a mobile device. The challenge for designers is to opimize the interaction with the web site for users of size constrained devices. Do menus and selection tools work well or is it a case of playing russian roulette with menu selections because fat fingers can.t select between small sized items.

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Yesterday I blogged on about Vint Cerf and his pronouncement that TV is heading for an iPod moment. 85% of our video consumption is already recorded. TV in its current form will continue to exist for news, live sports and emergencies but TV is going to be transformed by the Internet.

The leading thinkers in the field of Video streaming are lining up to attend the first ever iTVcon in San Francisco in November.

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