Friday, August 31, 2007

My Dots for Thursday, August 30, 2007

When designing the interaction with users it appears that long pages work. I agree with Peter Van Dijck. Some of the tech journals are really bad offenders. They break an article in to multiple pages and those pages are littered with advertising. Like Peter says. It makes you want to dive for the printer friendly page.

The bottom line - think about user frustration when designing layout and content.

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Grayboxx is still in stealth mode but seems to be pioneering preferenceScoring to exploit the local search market. Their techniques look like they will tap in to sources of purchase data to generate recommendations for local retailers and service providers. It is an interesting tactic. Their data sources are giving them hundreds of millions of transactions to infer results from whereas sites like Yahoo Local have taken 4 to 5 years to generate 6 million user submitted reviews.

Definitely an interesting company to watch.

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Have you ever wanted to text someone a message but not give away your identity. Well the answer is <a href=""></a>.

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Joshua Porter makes a significant point in Social Network design and interface design in general. The #1 Rule: "The easiest action gets done most"

So for social networks be like YouTube and make it easy to join and easy to share.

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