Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Dots for Monday, September 03, 2007

Eudora was a great client that provided many with an alternative to Microsoft Outlook. Qualcomm set Eudora free and made the code Open Source. It appears that the Mozilla folks have picked it up and put a Eudora skin on Thunderbird, the Mozilla mail client. The Eudora client is going by the code name of Penelope.

For fans of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's Thunderbirds this is a reference to a classy lady. May be they will bring out an enhanced Rules engine for Thunderbird/Penelope and call it Parker.

Quoted: Eudora, the email client that introduced many in the earlier days of the internet to email, officially died May 1."

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TV is morphing in to a new beast. We are seeing the dawn of personalized channels and the ability to merge and create our own content from sources all over the web. The ability to create an RSS feed and re-broadcast creates fascinating viral distribution opportunities for content producers. As YouTube has demonstrated great content is the key. What is needed next is a monetization platform so that artists and producers get rewarded for their efforts. When that happens the stranglehold of the TV networks will diminish and broadband personalized TV will really take off.

Quoted: Going beyond mere embedded video clips, sites like Facebook can now offer 'a complete personalized TV viewing experience that requires no download and is constantly refreshed with channel content.' That, according to Ted Briscoe, chief executive officer, Vibe Solutions Group, is what Pyro.TV makes possible.

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