Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It must be me - It can't be Office

I am back to using Office 2003 on Windows and I think I am going nuts. You would think that after about ten years of developing the Office suite that there would be some consistency in how applications work. I was preparing a presentation the other day and wanted to open up two presentations side by side to compare and do some cutting and pasting of slides. Have you tried to do that? It seems that PowerPoint will only allow you to create new presentation windows inside the PowerPoint window yet at the same time it will create a new application tab in the Task bar at the bottom of my screen. Forget about using multiple monitors to help with cut and paste. Microsoft Project seems to have the same behavior. Word and Excel on the other hand can create a complete new window from the Start menu. With this PowerPoint behavior it would seem to make sense to use the Tools...Options...View Tab to disable the Windows in Task bar option. So is the truth that Office is a suite only because it is a bunch of applications sold by a single company and not because the applications have been built to work in similar ways. ---End of my rant for the day!

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