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My Dots for Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fascinating analysis of Windows Vista uptake. More significantly buried in the article is confirmation from Microsoft of the growing success of the Max OS X. Office 2007 software sales are ahead of equivalent Office 2003 sales at its launch but Office for Mac is running at 20% of all boxed sales of Office software. This is attributed to PC to Mac Switchers buying Office for their new Macs.

Quoted: Running the numbers on Vista | Over its first six months, the latest Windows version can't hold a candle to XP. But, Office sales rock, according to NPD report. | September 11, 2007, 12:25 PM PT | Ina Fried

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Yes - the iPhone is just usable. The relationship between different functions has been thoroughly thought out. To such a degree that you forgive some of the blatant weaknesses - like the inability to cut and paste text.

Quoted: I've been a big proponent of smartphone technology for a long time, and have been chasing the 'perfect smartphone' for a while. Specifically, I've been hooked on using Windows Smartphone devices, because of the seamless integration with Outlook and the resulting automatic synchronization of all my contacts, calendar entries, tasks, notes, and e-mail over the air. And my favorite Smartphone so far was the Cingular/AT&T 8525. To meet a new business partner on the road, enter their contact details into the smartphone, and find the same person automatically in Outlook when you get back to the office is simply great - same goes for calendar entries.

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An interesting review of Mobile Social Networks. However they appeared to have overlooked one of the well established networks - <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. Plazes has an SMS interface as well as laptop tools. At one time they were experimenting with java apps downloaded to phones but now seem to have settled around a universally accessible SMS dialect.

Quoted: We've been tracking emerging mobile-only social networks such as ZYB and Mocospace and Mig33. All have unique selling points (Mocospace is dead simple ...

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YiWyn raises a great point. Where is the money in web messaging. Meebo is a fantastic product. I use it regularly but it has always intrigued me as to how Meebo made money since it did not place any advertising on their site.

As they introduced new features, such as MeeboMe and Rooms it became more obvious as to how the site could be monetized. However, meebo appears to have some serious backing. May be the best monetization or exit strategy is via the acquisition route.

Of all the IM major players AOL would be an intriguing acquisition possibility. AOL's Open stance could position it to take the high ground in the IM world by adopting meebo and accepting connectivity across all the major IM platforms. With it's advertising engine and the relationship with Google there would be plenty of possibilities to drive revenue through meebos web site, without cluttering the site excessively.

Just a thought!

Quoted: An insider’s look at new companies in Silicon Valley by Yi-Wyn Yen

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