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My Dots for Monday, September 10, 2007

May be demographics will dominate in Social Networks. Like Stowe Boyd, I am not so sure. Our interests can cut across age demographic boundaries.

What I do believe to be important is the emergence of a rich set of interfaces with Social Networks that allows to me to move my contacts and my personal information between networks. I do not want to start each new social network from scratch. May be Plaxo is on to the right track. My address book is my core Social Network. How do I leverage that effectively?

Quoted: Stowe Boyd on what is happening at the edge, and its impact on the center

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Creating a hard-to-recreate unique data set is becoming even more critical as we enter a world where there is a "Web of data"

The API and the data you control become your critical asset.

Quoted: Digital Web Magazine

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Picking up on the Dave Winder question of wether every App should have an API. Twitter attributes its success ot the API which has ten times the traffic of the twitter web site.
Enough said.....

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Mozy is a great service for online backup. The simple pricing model is $4.95 per month per machine for <em>unlimited</em> storage.

The solution works on Windows and Macs. It runs in the background. It is one of those products that just works.

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Quoted: Warning: this is so stupid you might need to be sitting down. The latest brainwave from an industry that continues to bleed revenue ...

The Ringle? Do you seriously expect people in this world of instant gratification to go to a racord store, buy a single, take it home, load it on their computer, connect to a site to acquire a ring tone, download it and transfer it to their phone?

Unless the labels have worked out how to hook up to a ring tone vendor that works across all carriers and all phones people will have to read the exclusions small print very, very carefully.

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Will Apple use its cash to bid for the 700 Mhz wireless spectrum. I doubt it. However, Apple does have ever closer links with Google. It would seem to be in both of their interests to see this wireless spectrum exploited in an open access model. Google benefits by enabling access to their search and related services. Apple benefits by creating cutting edge products that utilize the wireless spectrum.

Neither Apple or Google have experience in building and operating a national communications network. It would seem to make sense for them to partner with another company that has that expertise. At the same time such a move might lower the risks and limit the capital outlay that would be required.

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Dave Winer poses a great question. "Should every app be a platform?" This is of particular relevance to web developers. REST style interfaces with clearly understandable URL construction creates the potential for almost any web app to become a platform.

If we believe in the emergence of the semantic web, where application to application communication is an integral part of the web then Yes - Dave! Every app should be a platform.

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Another example of Apple enabling the Internet Singularity. The news that car audio manufacturers will implement a "Tag-it" button that can download tags to an attached iPod which will then line up those songs for purchase when the iPod is synced.

This demonstrates the wisdom of Apple working with car audio manufacturers. While it looks like the feature will be targeted at tagging songs the possiblities are enormous. This could provide a boost to talk radio. Imagine if you are going to miss the end of a show because you have arrived at your destination. What if you could tag the show and download the podcast to finish listening later.

Once again Apple is enbling the ecosystem and each expansion of that ecosystem makes it less and less sensible for the music labels, tv networks and movie studios to abandon that ecosystem.

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