Monday, January 07, 2008

My Faves for Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fred Wilson's Venture Capitalist perspective is always valuable. Here he looks at the earnings multiples of various entertainment formats. What is more interesting is the analysis he does of his kids' consumption of entertainment.

There are some fascinating lessons to be divined from Fred's analysis.

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John CCrupi of JackBe drills down in to McKinsey's simplified trends for 2008. Enterprise Mashup tools, like JackBe's Presto platform are going to be critical to the agile delivery of solutions in the enterprise.

Quoted: Some of us are ready for the Web 2.0 wave that is now breaking over us, and some of us are not. The McKinsey Quarterly just put out an insightful article, 'Eight Business Technology Trends to Watch' (registration required), that outlines eight unique business trends that will be enabled by the Web 2.0 technology wave. With apologies to the guys at McKinsey for oversimplifying their detailed work, here's my brief synopsis of their 'Big 8'

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