Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My wishlist for iPhone firmware updates

Anticipation is building for the imminent release of the iPhone SDK. It will no doubt trigger another firmware upgrade. When Apple released the 1.1.3 firmware it created a stir with the addition of web clips. That is the ability to add web sites to the iPhone's front screen. This feature is incredibly underrated. While we wait for the SDK it provides a great boost to usability on the iPhone. Now you can add your most popular web page so they are just a flick or press of the finger away. So what features will be in firmware 1.1.4? Here is my wish list - ignoring SDK support: - search - cut and paste - flash player support When you have a few thousand contacts you absolutely want to be able to search. There is also the situation where you may not remember a person's name but remember something about them. Cut and paste could be coming. It appears that Apple have submitted a multi-touch patent. My guess is that they are waiting to introduce multi-touch on the iPhone once they have resolved multi-touch across their laptop product line. With the patent submitted they must have resolved consistent gesturing and we should expect to see multi-touch capability expanded on the iPhone fairly soon. Let's hope so! The Flash player is rumored to be coming to the iPhone. That will be great it is one of the big gaps in iPhone capability.

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