Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Faves for Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Google Sites is not going to take down Microsoft Sharepoint in the enterprise. But the Enterprise is not the only game in town. The SMB market has plenty of aspiring enterprises that may not be as wedded to traditional infrastructure. This is the soft underbelly in the battle with Microsoft.

Quoted: Google releases Google Sites in a whimsical attempt to destroy Microsoft SharePoint

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Wow! So I am more socially accepted because I write a blog. Who would have thought it! Please excuse me while I go and be happier and healthier....

Quoted: A new study has found Bloggers are better adjusted and live healthier, happier social lives. The research, from Swinburne University of Technology found ...

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Kevin Lawver moves to the next stage of Awesomeness. Creating Ficlets was not enough.

What are you doing on March 10th - International Day of Awesomeness?

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I find this story a little unsettling. The reason? Macs are increasingly being used in an enterprise setting and are very active on the Internet. As such, while a Mac may currently be immune from attacks it makes sense for there to be some level of protection to ensure that Macs don't get a bad reputation as a conduit for passing malware and viruses on to others, typically via email.

Quoted: Russian security vendor Kaspersky Lab has a prototype version of its virus protection software waiting in the wings in case Apple Mac OS X suddenly becomes a target of choice for hackers.

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