Friday, April 18, 2008

Next Generation SOA

Yesterday, while waiting for a plane I managed to catch the audio portion of Dion Hinchcliffe's Webinar on "The Future of SOA: How Web-Oriented Architecture Makes SOA Work." This was a content packed Webinar. Dion made a couple of really compelling points: 
  • Enterprise Architecture can't keep up with the demand for new applications.
  • SOA takes too long
Enterprises need something more flexible to service the long tail of enterprise application demand. This is exactly where products like JackBe's Presto come in to play. We are moving to a world where disposable solutions are developed from diverse web parts, mashed together using drag and drop interfaces by end users or semi-technical staff.
Another reason why enterprises need mashup platforms as a supplement to their SOA toolset is that in many traditional industries many of the vendors do not really understand Web Services and SOA. This means that re-purposing partner data can't always be done using web services and SOA constructs. Instead mashup tools that allow web clipping, screen scraping or html/xml page consumption need to be utilized to harness and re-purpose partner data.
This approach leaves the enterprise Architects to focus on the mission critical, high volume interfaces that will underpin the data and services that are critical to an enterprise's success.