Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Innovation and Not Invented Here Syndrome

It appears that IBM's Lotus Connections Software Evangelist is moving on. Gia Lyons has accepted a Social Software Evangelist position with Jive Software.
In her farewell post on Go Big Always she makes a telling comment that applies to innovation:
There are lots of smart people in these big companies, but if you’ve ever read the book Wikinomics, you’ll understand that innovation comes not only from employees, but from business partners and customers. And not just three or four customers, but three or four thousand. So, the social software products coming from big software vendors are created in the same organizational bubble, with a few trusted outsiders involved, that all of their other products are created.
This is so true. It is one reason why I am promoting HealthCampMd independently. Real innovation in HealthCare will most likely come from outside the industry. It will be triggered by tapping in to the wisdom of people tackling problems from a different perspective.

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  1. Good points about innovation, Mark. It's one of the reasons why it pays to regularly communicate with people outside the "social media comfort zone."