Sunday, May 18, 2008

More for Twitter

The "Twittering More Ways" post got updated today with four new entries.

There was also a great post from ReadWriteWeb covered the top 5 twitter apps and services in 3 categories.

  • Twitterfeed - Post your blog to Twitter. The service supports OpenID too.
  • ReadWriteWeb did a great post on "Most Popular Twitter Apps according to the Blogosphere". Top 5 desktop apps, Top 5 web apps. Top 5 mobile apps.
  • Terraminds - A search tool for Twitter.
  • MobyPicture - A shoot and Share picture upload service that can post to Twitter and a host of other services including Blogger, jaiku and wordpress.
  • Twitter Answers - A service of Mosio a Twitter Mashup that alliows you to ask a question and have it answered by a real person in the Twitterverse.

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