Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Next Steps in VRM

This session looked at the next steps in VRM. What are the Requirements and use cases that could lead to bounties being created for Open Source code creation.

The issues discussed in the session included:

  • How do we create code that doesn't require plug-ins or installation.
  • Intention to relate (on my terms and with trust and courtesy)
  • Human readable terms - eg. Creative commons
  • Notification to the vendor
  • Notification via co-subscribed service(s)
  • Linked data model
  • Create a bookmarket?
  • Don't make user experience worse (consolidate/logins/logging)
  • Can we model the real world gesturing
  • Phased development (don't make it too big too soon or it will never get delivered but allow the solution to grow)
  • Discovery

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