Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How can brands make friends on the Social Web?

Vidar Breske led the session on Brands on Social Networks.

"Social Networks are about relationships not product or content"

Relationships transcend the transaction.

Big brands have the challenge of history. Newer brands have the opportunity to create the image but start with little brand recognition.

The challenge is to avoid the "race to the bottom" but this may be self-correcting.

I made the point that there is a difference between engaging "in the flow" or "outside the flow"

In the facebook context a brand can sponsor an application or can create an application of their own. however the other context is being alongside the conversation or engaged in the conversation.

It is okay to push content if it is relevant and contributes value to the conversation. The positive perception of adding value contributes to the rising acceptance of the brand in that social context.

Authenticity is key. Relevant is critical.

One question is do you create the network or go where the network is.

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