Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Web 2.0 Expo - The Wednesday Keynotes

I am sitting here waiting for the first Keynote session of Web 2.0 Expo New York. Day one of Web2Open has just drawn to a close. What are my thoughts on the sessions?

  • Great location - right in the centre of the Expo Hall
  • Awful location - The open roof of the Web2Open rooms make it almost impossible to have a discussion without resorting to shouting

Yes, it seems that the Web2Open sessions will be best as round table sessions of about 10 people. Beyond that range it is almost impossible to hear other people talk.

The Power-up lounge at the center of the Web2Open venue is the best place at the show. Great conversations, Power and WiFi. What else would you need, other than food and drink of course. The Web 2.0 Expo SF Blogger's lounge sponsored by the Conversation Group still ranks as one of the best setups.

The Keynote is starting. Here comes the obligatory video... hmmm....

Brady Forrest and Jen Pahlka are on stage.

Web 2.0 meets Wall Street - in a head on crash?

On with the Show...

Fred Wilson talking about the New York Internet Industry from 1995 to 2008. Venture backed startups in 1995 SF=230 NY=30. In 2008 SF=360 NY=116.

Bury the term Silicon Alley. The Internet is across New York.

In 1995 NYITC was established at 55 Broad St. A high tech innovation incubator. The same year that the New York Times hit the web in conjunction with the Pope's visit.

"We Live ?In Public"

2002 was rock bottom and 2003 was a renewal year with blogging kicking off with Gizmodo. It was also the year that the term Web 2.0 was coined.

New York continues to grow in web stature. Google's largest engineering presence outside Mountain View is in New York.

Now comes Deb Shultz's Death of the Grand Gesture.

...It's more of a transformation.

So what is a Grand Gesture. In America it has to be the Superbowl ads. Punctuation in our lives.

The personal grand gesture. The concierge that always remembers your name. The private conversation between friends.

The Social Web has extended the perosnal continuum online. Twitter is the World's Virtual Water Cooler!

The online world is a binary follow/not follow yet our personal relationships are more granular.

"Tecvhnology Changes - Humans Don't"

Jason Freid of 37 Signals

Jason highlights why companies need to go dogital. The cost of change in the electronic world is so much lower. The beauty of the iPod is that the firmware - the software - can be changed, relatively easily.

In the healthcare world this brings the obvious question - "How can we eliminate the paper?"

To paraphrase Jason: "Software goes bad when you keep saying yes"

You need to be an editor/Curator. You have to be able to say No. The trick is to know how to say no. This is what prevents a Museum from becoming a warehouse.

You build for a group and not an individual and certainly not for the vocal few.

Gary Vaynerchuk Totally Rocked Expo

Gary Vee took the Expo Keynotes by storm. The best speaker, by far. He put it out there and the audience lapped it up. If you don't love what you do you can lose just as much money doing what you love!

Two requirements - Patience and Passion. Switch off the TV and work at what you love.

I am not going to try to recapture Gary's presentation. I am sure it is going to appear on the web imminently. I need to get to work....

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