Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Health Plans and Health 2.0

I caught the Health Plans session at the mid point. is offered by Regence, a BlueCross BlueShield plan in the North West. It provides a personalized experience to consumers. It is a standalone soluton with walls between it and the core insurance business. members have control over what and who they share information with. is not a Health Plan but provides a health care market place where providers sell services to consumers.

Connextions provides Business to Consumer (B2C) services to health care companies. They are focused on 360 degree view on the acquisition and service strategies for heathcare companies.

Eliza is an interesting service that uses interactive voice response to build a relationship with consumers. They are working with Kaiser Permanente on their Thrive campaign. The objective is to increase engagement. The outreach program led to a 25% increase in enrollment at

Kaiser have developed a "Year in the Life" view of touch points with different types of members, such as New members, the unengaged. the engaged, and highly engaged. The Eliza program reduced terminations by 35%.

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