Sunday, October 26, 2008

HealthCampSf - more fascinating discussion and planning

A big thanks needs to go out to Manatt Health Solutions for providing the venue for HealthCampSf at the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips offices in the Embarcadero Center, San Francisco. The only downside to this venue is the distraction that the view from their 30th floor offices brings. The views over the bay are totally stunning! Check out my blog from the Health 2.0 Accelerator meeting that was held there earlier this week.

Happening the day after the high octane Heath 2.0 Conference, where even Dr. Ruth made an appearance, The event saw the effects of the party hangover.

Dr. Ruth with Matt and Indu at Health 2.0

HealthCamp took place both physically and virtually with people dialing in from across the country.

THe discussions ranged over a number of subjects.

  • How to evolve the Health 2.0 Accelerator and the Health 2.0 Conference
  • How to promote interoperability initiatives with the Health 2.0 Accelerator

During HealthCampSf the CEO and VP of Business Development from JanRain courtesy of an invitatin from Mike Kirkwood of, joined in the sessions and presented the latest developments around OpenId. JanRain's OpenId tools have recently been adopted by Microsoft for use with HealthVault. JanRain have released a Software as a Service offering for OpenId and OAuth, RPX Plus and RPX Pro.

The objective of these products is to bring implementation of OpenId and OAuth down to a less than one day integration exercise.

This is great news. OpenId has over 500 million OpenID capable accounts globally and anything that simplifies the signup process, without sacrificing security is a positive move.

Some of the discussion that spun out of this OpenId and OAuth overview touched on creating an Health Information Interoperability Demonstrator. It was suggested that this could be run in conjunction with the Health 2.0 Conference.

The concept is to plan to bring together developers in the Health 2.0 space and over the course of one or two days to work together to create new health-centric mashups as demonstrators.

One of the things that came through in the Health 2.0 Conference is that the industry has moved on beyond simple health content aggregation and is now focusing on getting real work done and transactions processed. This is great progress, but it just served to drive home the realization that there is much more to be done and the real evolution is when these different applications, platforms and services can be connected together to create new services that can extend the reach and value of these Health 2.0 applications.

For example, how might PharmaSURVEYOR's drug interaction software be integrated with Intelecare's Medical Adherence platform to improve drug safety for patients.

The discussion with JanRain was invaluable. It demonstrated that OpenId and OAuth continue to evolve and provides practical single sign-on capabilities and secure information sharing mechanisms.

After the discussion I was even more convinced that the Health 2.0 Accelerator should leverage the work being done by Part of the role of the Health 2.0 Accelerator could be to act as a Health Industry Special Interest Group to promote Health Information interoperability.

Health Care is poised to go through massive transformation. It will increasingly become a consumer-driven industry. As that happens it is entirely logical that the industry should build upon and leverage the developments that are continuing at breakneck pace in the Social Networking world. Emerging standards such as Portable Contacts will grow to become underlying standards in healthcare. We do not need to re-invent the wheel.

Another area to leverage will be Microformats. These machine interpretable but human readable formats keep evolving. The Health 2.0 software sector needs to look at developing Health related formats to complement xisting formats such as Address cards (hCard), Calendars (hCalendar) and ratings (hReview).

Check out the wetpaint wiki site To find out more about HealthCamp. To find out about future events check out the front page or the HealthCamp specific page.

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  1. Mark- thank you for posting notes from the event. Seems that the attendees got through a lot of topics (and i am sorry once again that i couldn't come by).

    I think i have mentioned this to you before- Health and Medicine issues are something that I always get asked about in relation to Data Portability and i am very excited about the upcoming DataPortability Project Taskforce that a team of people are working on. I am adding a pointer to this post on the DP Discussion list. If people are interested in participating in the Taskforce you might want to leave a note there for the organizers since the taskforce is open to all.

    ....and what a hoot to see Dr.Ruth!