Thursday, October 23, 2008

Health 2.0 - the final session

Brian Klepper led the final discussion.

Alan Greene had these comments:

Thomas Jefferson approximately stated: "a well informed community can be trusted to govern itself"

The estimate is that waste in Health Care running at approximately 30% means we waste around $800Bn every year. This is the equivalent of the recent bail out to Wall Street.

Trust, simplicity and satisfaction is a two-way street.

We are at the dawn of delivering mobile healthcare. Delivering health care wherever people happen to be.

The lack of PHR/EMR could well kill us.

The Health Care payment system is a bubble. It will not rise for ever. The economics will force change through a lack of tolerance for waste.

200M Americans don't have access to a doctor on the day they need it.

Data-based expertise will cause irrevocable change.

David Lansky was more pragmatic and stated:

We need to energize consumers. Employers have shown a lack of interest in change.

The incumbent health care institutions will protect their interests. We can't nibble at the edges.

We have the power through consumer aggregation to change what Americans think about Health Care.

We have to change the mindset of consumers. We have to mobilize them as a grassroots movement to change the way money flows in healthcare.

Robert Kolodner:

We don't have information to make quality assessments about the value we get from Health Care.

We have more information to help us purchase a TV set than we have to help make health decisions.

The transformation that eliminates paper shuffling will cause job displacement. We need to prepare for this.

We need to focus on Health not on Health Care.

Check out: AHIC Successor

We have the tools and are learning to use them. This comes back to the core message:

"Use Simple Tools To Do Great Things"

David Kibbe (the Doctor behind the (Continuity of Care Record - CCR):

We have established the idea of participatory medicine. We are starting to make this real.

The hard work of plumbing is being done that enables information to flow.

Concerned that some Health IT companies are not addressing the real issues and are instead automating the current broken system.

We need to make Health 2.0 Green. Align with energy to attack and repair systems that lead us to unhealthy lives.

We need to reward prevention, reward healthy practices.

Talk to your Doctors. Thank them when they give you the tools you want. Doctors will respond to what the patients want.

This is a great lead in to HealthCampSf tomorrow. Let's think about what we can do to move the Health 2.0 movement forward.

Information Therapy meets Health 2.0 in 2009 in Boston,MA. It takes place on April 22-23, 2009 at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.

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