Thursday, October 23, 2008

Health 2.0 and Disease Management

At the session on Disease Management it started with a series of demonstrations:

  • DPS Health - Virtual Lifestyle Management. This is used for issues like managing Weight Loss.
  • HealthHero Network - The Health Buddy appliance provides remote health monitoring, health education and a link to care providers.
  • SilverLink - A communication program for disease management through targeted, relevant and personalized communication on health issues. Outbound calling services.
  • Healthwise - Prescription-strength information solutions and content to help consumers make better decisions about their health and wellness.

A trusted relationship is central to helping achieve behavior change. Face to face delivery of service is the best way to accomplish this but this is not scalable or economically deliverable. These tools are attempting to mimic the approach of a face-to-face engagement.

These systems are essential because consumers also do not necessarily have the time to devote to face-to-face meetings in their busy lives. Other tools and services also operate in this space. Seeing the demonstration from American Well earlier today comes to mind as an example of another platform that can meet this need.

Patient Centered Rules for better health:

  • Give each person the tools to make decision
  • Help people say No

The thinking here reinforces the idea that was made this morning in the Edelman briefing. The more co-pay increases the more healthcare becomes a consumer product.

When customers become more financially invested in disease management then they will be more open to engaging effective services that help them manage disease for better outcomes.

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